Global Sourcing

Sbrocco currently represents prestigious exporters from Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil.  We’ve established long-standing relationships with each of our growers, several of whom ship to us exclusively.  All growers which Sbrocco receives product from comply with Global Gap protocol (requirements established to ensure the safety of agricultural food products), to support successful fresh fruit programs for suppliers and customers.


Other Brands Marketed by Sbrocco:

  • Portofino
  • Aguas Blancas
  • Frusan
  • Maria Luisa
  • G Fruit
  • Santa Maria

  • Manflas
  • Prohens
  • Globbo
  • Atlas
  • C&D
  • Canepa

  • Kiwi Crunch
  • Longview
  • Cadime
  • Vale do Sol
  • Simón